Controlling The Movement Of Flies In House

Are you facing pest problems in your house? Do you want to get rid of the flies and pests from your homes? Pest control should be done once in 3 months. On the other hand, people ignore pest control till they have to face the consequences.

Pest control can save you and your family members from a lot of problems.

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What Are The Different Types Of Flies?

House Fly or (Musca Domestica) or Filth flies is very annoying as they disturb people. However, these flies are also dangerous as they transmit some diseases with them, like bacterial infections.

There are different types of house flies that you will find like:

Large Filth Flies: these flies have stout bodies and short legs. These flies feed on dead animals, manure, and food wastes. Though these flies come in a category of house fly. For example blow flies, stable flies and flesh flies.

Small Filth Flies: they have slender bodies and long legs. Also they dine on the drained sludge, rotting fruits and decayed plants. For example Fruit flies, drain flies and fungus gnats.

How Does Fly Transmit The Diseases?

We all thought that these flies are small and just annoying. However, they can cause many diseases like typhoid, fever, Dysentery, Leprosy and many more.

Flies lay eggs on the garbage or animal dropping or wastes. When the eggs open, the larvae eat what’s in the surroundings and turn into pupae. Finally, when they search for food, they spit out the contents in their stomach on the surface, which gets in contact with humans.

When the humans touch the surfaces, they get in contact with the bacteria or microorganism in them.

How To Control The Population Of The Flies?

Sanitisation: Besides cleaning the house, make sure that you eliminate the contaminated or rotten food source. Keep these foods in an isolated area to keep the flies away.

Exclusion: Though flies are tiny and enter through small holes but keep an eye on the ways. Also, cover the broken screens; cover the tiny holes so that they wouldn’t enter the house.

Traps: You can spread some pesticides on your house by a licensed pest control company. However, you can make some non-chemical traps, too, like sticky traps, ultraviolet light traps and others to catch the flies.

In conclusion, here is all the information on controlling the population of flies in your house. Therefore, you can try these methods and seek professional help to make sure the problem is not arises again and again.