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Moths are one of the nocturnal pests that mostly spread in the evening and cause serious problems which need to be prevented for a healthy environment. Due to the fact that they are nocturnal in natural it is best to control them in the evening before they encounter at your home. For the best control, you need to contact experts which offer moth control Perth services.

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    Symptoms That Make You Aware About Moth Infestation

    We at Pest End offer you the moth pest control in the best way and for that our Local Pest Control in Sydney experts make you know about several signs.

    • In case when you feel nasty odor coming out from the home then it might be due to increased moth infestation at your home which need to be controlled immediately.
    • In case when you see black corners in the home and walls of the corners are black. Then it might be due to increased moth infestation and for that, you need to clean the corners for immediate control.
    • The curtains and walls are if found with brown to black spots then it is due to fecal matter secreted by moths. For this, you need to clean the walls and curtains and opt for the regular cleaning of the moth infested area at your location.
    • Clean the floors immediately to prevent moth and for better moth pest control make sure to clean the floors with an eco-friendly cleaning agent.

    Tips You Can Opt to Control Moths at your Home

    Simple tips that you need to follow and are suggested by experts to help you in the better moth control at your home.

    • Light traps are available in the markets which help in better moth pest control in the home and are located near the lights which are attached in the rooms.
    • For the further and best control of moths, it is better to sprinkle boric acid powder that helps to kill moth and prevent the moth infestation in the home. 
    • For effective moth control Perth, it is best to use pesticides and spray them at several places to kill the moths that work best and help to control moth effectively. 
    • Switch off the lights in the evening and use dim lighting to prevent the entry of the moth in the homes.  
    • Make sure to close all doors and windows to prevent the entry and exit of moth in the home for better moth pest control.

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